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Research and Web Analytics

With the rapid increase in the number of competitors on the Internet, you must stand apart from others to stay in the race. This is possible by creating a website that has the potential to drive traffic and convert that traffic into potential customers. It is very essential to have targeted traffic rather than having huge traffic.

Research and Web AnalyticsHowever, your task does not end just by creating an attractive website, as regular and proper monitoring of website traffic is very crucial, because it determines the changes that need to be done in order to boost the sales and get enormous returns. Here comes the need for hiring a professional Web Analytics Research expert. For this, you must consider Carver Media Group. It is a well known name in providing competitor analysis, Brand Analysis and Web Analytics Research services.

Generally, web analytics tools are useful for collecting, measuring and analysing data for better understanding of web usage and latest trends. However, web analytics of Carver Media Group go beyond the tradition of giving information about number of people visited your sites. It makes web analysis a tool for powerful Market Research that can help in boosting the sales and in creating good terms with clients or customers.

There are mostly two types of web analytics, which are as follow:

On-Site Web Analytics:

This kind of web analytics is done by keeping the visitor’s time as base. In this process, a mechanism is developed to track the visitor’s journey to your site. Everything about visitor’s journey is recorded right from his origin page to page after visiting your website. This is mostly useful in case of commercial website, as with the help of this, you can analyse which page has given more revenue and on which page visitors are spending more time.

Off-Site Web Analytics:

This includes track record of every discussion about your website, your business, your products, services etc. It is mainly done by tracking social media, forums and blogs. It is for checking the amount of buzz your website and your products are creating. This is an important factor for deciding the need of new strategies for Online Marketing.

Thus, we can say that web analytics and research are the integral parts of search engine optimization and internet marketing. It helps in Brand Analysis, thus informs us that there is a need to change your strategies to sustain in business and keep your online presence at a higher level. With the various research Campaigns, Market Research and Digital Strategy making becomes more simplified.

Carver Media Group is also a pioneer in providing Ecommerce Solutions. For best online service providence, there should be best ecommerce facilities. Some of the best Ecommerce Solutions suggested by the team of Carver Media Group are as follows:

  • Customer shopping cart
  • Multiple pay option
  • Free shipping option
  • Cash on delivery
  • User-friendly menu

There are more solutions available with the expert team of Carver Media Group. Just by visiting Carver Media Group, you can know about some of the best solutions for ecommerce and more about research and web analytics services of Carver Media Group.