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Open Source Development

Open source web editing is becoming more popular in small, medium as well as among big business players because of its tendency to save a lot of money in website development. Although, Website Development does not require a huge amount of money, but for a businessperson, profit is always a profit. Open source development provides a way for simplified and cost-effective maintenance of your website. Looking at this scenario, Carver Media Group has come with up with some cost-effective open source development services for both small as well as big sized businesses.

Open Source DevelopmentMany entrepreneurs think that high quality is possible with huge investments. However, this is a myth in case of website development. Most of such entrepreneurs fail because of this mindset. They are not able to keep a pace with latest technological changes in the modern world. Therefore, you must not do such kind of mistake and for this, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest resources available that are helpful in reducing the cost of website development and maintenance.

It is of utmost importance to have a website that is easily upgradeable to alter any changes that are must for development of your business. Generally, if you keep an expert employee for up gradation of website, it will definitely cost you more. Therefore, opting for open source development software for your website will reduce further maintenance and editing cost and make it simpler and affordable for you. By choosing Carver Media Group for all your Open Source Solutions needs, you can get various benefits of open source development.

Some of the best open source development tools used by Carver Media Group are:

Magento Development Tool:

Magento is an open source development tool that has highest number of users. Most of the ecommerce websites with shopping cart facility comprises of Magento Developmentsoftware. Some of the key features of Magento tools are online marketing, online promotions, web analytics, website management, Search Engine Optimization, product browsing, multiple payment option, instant help support and some amazing additional features for both owner as well as customers.

In short,Magento Website Development has user-friendly interface that will help in beginners to adapt quickly with latest technology of website updating.

Joomla Development Tool:

Joomla Development tool is the simple, stylish and professional solution in the case of web development. It comes under CMS and therefore, has numerous open source codes and templates for better development of website that web developers may use. Most of the website developers prefer using Joomla for website development, as the customization process in website development becomes easy with help of Joomla.

Being a CMS, it keeps track on every content in the form of music, video, text, image or documents and makes itself as the most advanced online web development application. Thus, by Joomla Website Development, it becomes very easy to maintain a website at affordable price.

Virtuemart Development Tool:

Virtuemart Development is also a CMS and is part of Joomla. Virtuemart templates provide enhanced security and boost the performance as well as quality of the website. It provides powerful web-administration due to JavaScript. This results in creating infinite space for upgradation of the content.

Joomla Virtuemart Development with Shopping Cart facilities is the best eCommerce Solution for many e-business owners.